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Kinky twist wig 2
Kinky twist wig 2 $175.45 $115.32
Kinky twist wig 4
Kinky twist wig 4 $180.45 $115.43
Kinky Twist Wig1
Kinky Twist Wig1 $140.00 $95.22
Wig Camryn. (Kinky twist wig 5)
Wig Ella (closure box braids wig)
Wig Annie (frontal knotless braids)
Wig Marie
Wig Marie $170.00 $113.67
Wig Mia
Wig Mia $165.00 $115.23
Wig Amira. (Frontal box braids)
Wig Ella (2). (Boho box braids)
Wig Keisha. (Full lace box braids)
Wig Desire (twist)
Wig Desire (twist) $165.22 $115.89
Wig Michelle
Wig Michelle $200.45 $142.67
Wig Sophia (Passion twist)
Lace frontal Passion Twist Wig
Messy goddess locs wig
Messy goddess locs wig $230.21 $168.45
Wig Amber (Bob faux locs)
Wig Ashley
Wig Ashley $145.00 $95.56
Wig Ebony
Wig Ebony $195.00 $130.00
Lemonade braids wig
Lemonade braids wig $235.44 $158.45
Wig Ashley(2)
Wig Ashley(2) $155.00 $95.22
Wig Tammy
Wig Tammy $135.00 $85.59
Wig Bolu
Wig Bolu $165.00 $115.45
Wig Yondel. (Pop smoke braids)
Wig Bolu (2)
Wig Bolu (2) $172.00 $115.45
Wig Catelyn
Wig Catelyn $220.55 $185.67
Wig Leslie
Wig Leslie $185.00 $128.55
Wig Laura
Wig Laura $165.22 $115.45
Wig Shannon
Wig Shannon $235.65 $155.21
Wig Maya
Wig Maya $195.00 $130.45
Wig Julia
Wig Julia $165.00 $115.45
Wig Lara
Wig Lara $185.00 $128.00


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TRACY JONES FROM PA,USA. Absolutely gorgeous

This beauty is absolutely gorgeous!! She looks exactly like the pictures and videos on Instagram!! I received so many compliments on her beauty. She looks completely natural and appears as if she is growing from your scalp. The creation process of this beauty was a very pleasant one. I was included in the entire process. Sofaj is such a joy to work with. Hands down this has been my favorite company for braided lace units!! I am super pleased with everything from packaging (which is so adorable), to the construction of the unit, to the attention to detail, to Sofaj’s professionalism and eagerness to please her customers. I WILL DEFINITELY BE A REAPEAT CUSTOMER!!!! SHE EVEN ALLOWED ME TO PICK A NAME FOR THIS WIG!! WHO DOES THAT!!! THIS BEAUTIFUL NUBIAN QUEEN DOES!!! SHE IS TRULY AMAZING!!

AYANNA. From NY, United States Thank you!!

My family thought that I actually got my hair braided. They were so shocked to find out it was a wig!!. They were impressed.

FAAIZAH COX. From Chicago, USA. I love my wig

Yesssss.....I love my wig and also got you 2 referrals today. My Co-worker loves her wig also. Thank you very much.

DEENA MAJORS. From Michigan, USA

Loving my kinky twist wig. Not one person believes it’s a wig. More orders to come.

LAVITTIA JEFFERSON. From Illinois, United States My sister received her wig

OMG she is soooo happy. She was smiling trying it on and put on her I cracked up. I am so happy. I will tell all my friends.

SHEENA ELLIS. From Florida, United States Thank you

Hello, I received my wigs. They are absolutely gorgeous. I tried them on just to check the fit and they are perfect. Pics with them will come soon. Thank you so much.


Thank you. I got my wigs and I love them

CARLYSE. From Memphis, United States

Loving my unit!!! Thank you so much. I also gave my church member your contact info.
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